Celestial Readings - Maria Scozzari - Angel Therapy Practitioner®
Maria’s personal history:
She is originally from South America and moved to United States in 1999 after receiving her BA in Economics from San Buenaventura University. Maria began her spiritual training with meditation instruction in Transcendental Stress Management in 1989. In 1992 she took an important course in the Vedic Siddhis which helps to develop our spiritual and psychic gifts. In 1998 she took the Reiki course and has practiced sessions on a regular basis.

Ever since she began to practice meditation, her spiritual experiences have deepened and become much clearer. Meditation really refined her experiences.

On March of 2011, Maria was certified as an Angel Therapy Practitioner® by Grant Virtue, administrator of Angel University.
Maria has no desire to defend what she is doing. She has only to link with this level of awareness and the rest is automatic. Her only intention with these celestial readings is to serve as a channel between people and their angels.
On December 13, 2011 Maria finished the Medium ship Program Course under Angel University. This wonderful and enlightening course is designed to enhance the skill of the Angel Therapy Practitioner® and provide further insight into the realm of the unseen, the magical, the celestial. We need not fear death, we are not alone on this journey, and the unknown is actually a great source of light and freedom.
On March 28th, 2012, Maria finished the four week Advanced Angel Therapy On line Course with Hay House. Through this course Maria was able to expand her knowledge of Crystal Therapy, Realms of the Earth Angels, Advanced Clearing and Shielding Methods.
On April 2014, Maria was certified as an Angel Card Reader™ by Radleigh Valentine after successfully completing the in-person one-day Hay House course in Fort Lauderdale (FL).
On May 2014, Maria was certified as a Past Life Healer under Angel University.
This wonderful course is designed to help heal others through past life regressions.

On April 2016, Maria was certified as a Master Teacher in Magnified Healing® by Rev. Catherine G. Fernandez.

On October 2016, Maria received the Master Angel Certification by Charles Virtue after successfully completing a 3 days course in Coral Gables, Florida (Miami). 

On October 2016, Maria finished the VP Mediumship Certification Course under James Van Praagh School of Mystical Arts. This advanced course for mediums provided to Maria with more knowledge and tools to help her communicate with departed loved ones. James Van Praagh is a world famous expert in this field.

On August 2017, Maria Received the Spiritual Teacher Certification by Peroshini Naidoo and Charles Virtue after successfully completing a 3 day course in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

It's very comforting to have this new knowledge which has a great purpose - to be shared, to create light and to liberate!

Testimonials from clients:
"A few months ago I was passing through a difficult time in my life and I decided to have a celestial session with Maria, who I have known for the past 20 years. I have always admired her for being such a straight, correct and responsible person in every level. Even though I have worked for the past 30 years as a spiritual astrologer and I can check my chart at any time in order to understand the cycles I’m passing through, I followed my instincts and I asked Maria for a celestial reading.
For me this reading was a wonderful experience because all the messages I received from the angelic realm were not strange for me.I felt like every message was coming from my own heart, in other words it was like my higher self was speaking to me.These messages remind me of the important things I should take into consideration and through Maria the angels were able to show me the direction that I could take.
This experience allowed me to connect with my higher self to recognize more deeply the purpose of the situations I was passing through. Something else I would like to share with every body is the feeling of receiving through the readings, pure light.I feel very good to know that under the veil we are so close to the angels.
Thanks Maria for your love and generosity that you put into your work!"
Cristina Lenis-Spiritual Astrologer
"After a celestial reading I felt more comfortable about myself and I feel more connected with my masters and spiritual guides .I have allowed myself to embrace this spiritual experience and it has provided me more tools to help my patients."
Angela Maria Rodriguez- Psychotherapist
Bogotá, Colombia
"I asked Maria to help me with a celestial reading because I was having a difficult time with my family and moved to another country. Moving seems unsuited to my daughters, who didn’t want to understand nor accept the fact that we had to move.
The celestial reading helped me understand certain aspects about myself since I was felling guilty about my daughters suffering.Through Maria, my angels explained that everything happens at the right time and I shouldn’t worry or anticipate anything either.Today everything has stabilized just as my angels told me. Even though we are not living in an “ideal place”, we know now that there is a reason why we are here. Sooner or later we will understand that reason."
Central America
 "I have only words of appreciation for Maria. The session with her brought me peace and tranquility. The messages I received through the celestial reading were so clear and gave me so much comfort that I was able to see all the complicated situations with a different perspective.This experience has been a blessing for me.Thanks for your help and I hope God will allow you to keep helping more people."
Adriana C. 
"My celestial reading with Maria was a beautiful experience. All the messages from my angels and the messages coming from my 8 month old baby were so full of love and kindness! It was incredible the peace I felt through the reading. It was a confirmation of everything I already had in my heart.Thank you very much for helping me to understand that the angels are always ready to help us!"
Paula B
"My wife suggested I have a celestial reading with Maria. I really didn't know what to expect. 
From the beginning of the reading I felt like a weight was lifting from my emotions, that I was experiencing a release.I felt a welling up of feeling when Maria conveyed such sweet words! 
It was a confirmation to me, that the intelligence of nature surrounds me and is in me.I hope everyone makes time for this opportunity to begin to heal and discover how much we are cared for by this level of nature."

Alex Goldstein
Boca Raton, Florida
 "I had the pleasure to have a celestial lecture with Maria at a perfect time in my life! I was going through a very difficult situation and she came into my life to help me heal my heart and help me understand that everything that happened is part on my plan in life and is for my maturity.
She guided me to open the door in discovering who I really wanted to be, and what I can do in order to gain the help from my angels and instincts. I attended the Angels Course and it was an amazing and enriching experience!
Now I can really tell that I feel the angels always with me.I’m looking forward to gathering more knowledge from Maria!"
Veronica Bernal.
"I have suffered from health problems related to congestion and sore throat for a few years. When I had my celestial reading with Maria, the angels suggested to start the session by unblocking the throat chakra.They suggested that I should clean all my chakras near the throat as well.
The experience of the chakra clearing with crystal quartz was exceptional! I felt more strength and lightness throughout my entire body. Not only in my throat.In this sense I am able to see how we are part of a whole, not just body or mind alone.I feel more connected with the entire universe!
A physical weakness can help us find a deeper reality through what is happening inside of our body." 
Veronica Ferrer

 "Maria Scozzari is a very special intuitive person who can transmit all this angel information in a simple and practical way. Also,  she gives this knowledge with a great deal of sensibility and good humor. 
The lovely and sweet celestial presence manifested during the Angels Course "Celestial Realm 101" is still with me daily, supporting me during simple or tough challenges. 
Meeting my angels through Maria has brought me a lot of light, peace and guidance and has helped keep my spiritual growth evolving. I'm very thankful for this opportunity to meet Maria and  reconnect myself with the celestial realm". 
Lina Petitta
"Before doing the recommended chakra clearing with quartz crystals, I felt very blocked at work. I felt happy but at the same time I felt like there was something that was blocking me.
After I did the chakra clearing and I put the quartz crystals in my desk (just like Maria suggested I do), I stared felling more energy in my thoughts and in my actions.
For example, this last month was the best month I have ever had at work! I'm doing additional tasks in my job and this motivates me even more! 
 I feel more positive energy in all areas of my life and I can see that I'm reflecting all this in everything I do! Thanks Maria, I do feel happier! I hope more people will feel motivated to take a chakra clearing with you!" 
"Recently I had the opportunity to have a celestial reading with Maria.
I didn’t know what to expect?
It turns out, it was a beautiful experience! In a very professional way Maria delivered the celestial messages that made me feel loved and exited!
The session was very revealing and emotive.
After the celestial reading, we did the chakra clearing. This was a very good and healing experience that I’m looking forward to repeating again!
Definitely I’m discovering new things about life that make me feel I already knew but wasn’t aware of!
Thank you Maria, may God keep blessing you in this beautiful mission."
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
 "In December of 2010 I had the opportunity to meet Maria through a friend of mine and I did the celestial reading.
It was a fascinating experience that changed my point of view in many aspects of my life and now I feel back on track on my spiritual path.
The celestial messages were full of love and at the same time firm and precise. The celestial reminded me of  my life purpose and all the lessons I could learn.
I also had the beautiful experience of receiving  messages from my Dad who died a few years ago and I have always  felt he was by my side. 
I think everybody should have the opportunity to receive angelic messages because this way we can all better understand the situations presented to us and can learn from them! Instead of feeling "punished" by God, now I feel that every situation is an opportunity to learn something new! 
Maria Scozzari is an wonderful channel that can help us to receive celestial messages. Sometimes we are so contaminated and blocked due to the outside stresses that we are unable hear our angels, and that's where Maria's help is very useful!
Thanks Maria for all your help. May God keep blessing this beautiful mission you have!"
Miami, Florida
I want to take this opportunity to thank you very much for the celestial reading you did for me recently.  It has opened me to a new, healthier perspective about life. My heart is at peace and I am happy to know that my departed loved ones are doing great in the celestial realm. It was very important to me to know that they are enjoying a beautiful place.
I'm so happy to know that the celestial realm is with me, giving me support and unconditional love!
What a wonderful experience it was for me to receive through the celestial reading all those beautiful messages from my departed loved ones, my angels and archangels!
Thanks again Maria."
Luz E Londono
"Maria, I feel very happy after taking the angels course, the chakra clearing and the celestial reading with you!
The celestial messages you channel are so enlightening!
Thanks to God that through the archangels, angels, ascended masters and other light beings you are able to deliver all these messages with so much love and light.
These celestial messages give us hope and feed our soul with divine energy.
Thanks Maria for being part of these beautiful celestial messages! 
Alvaro Santamaria
Boca Raton, Florida
The celestial reading experience with you and the angels was wonderful!
After the two readings we had with you, we were able to understand the essence of our souls and the mission we have in this world.
Once we were able to understand what our mission or life purpose is in this world, we felt a great sense of inner peace and we also felt very happy to know that the Celestial Realm is here to help us to accomplish this mission or life purpose!
 The celestial messages that come through you are a clear signal of all the changes in collective consciousness that are happening now. At the same time, these celestial messages help us to adjust to all these changes.
Thanks for your help and may God bless you always!"

 Mr. and Mrs.  Francisco Gomez
 Central Florida- USA 
"Three years ago the company where I'd been working for the last seven
years and  that I loved, laid off our whole department. For three years I
worked as an independent agent but barely making ends meet.
I applied to many jobs similar to the one I had, but no luck. I was very
worried since I had  pretty much exhausted my reserves.
One day I received an email that caught my attention. It was Maria's work
with the angels:  the celestial readings and the chakra clearings. I decided I needed
spiritual help and guidance so I met with Maria two months ago.
She showed me how to communicate with my angels and today I feel I have renewed my energy and faith.
About a week ago I received my first miracle: my old company called me
back and offered me a job comparable to the one I had. I thank God and my
Angels for this and Maria for redirecting me to the right path!!!!!"
“I had the opportunity to meet Maria Scozzari through an Internet search. Her web page was the one that I liked the most so I called her right away. Speaking on the phone with her made me feel very comfortable.  I knew I could trust her.
 Therefore I scheduled a celestial reading with her. This was a great experience full of love and compassion. It as an awaking experience!
Maria is very sincere, honest, professional and she loves to share all this spiritual knowledge with everybody.
I also did the chakra clearing that day of my appointment. I told Maria about my back pain so after the chakra clearing Maria did Reiki on the affected area. After that session the pain disappeared and never came back.
Maria: I’m thankful with God and my angels for putting in my path a very special person like you. Thanks for all have done for me and for my family! "
Yaneth Torres.
Coral Springs, Florida
"Ever since arriving in the United States from South America I have enjoyed reading articles published by   hayhouse.com regarding people who have experienced angel interventions. Even though my English level  is a limitation, I feel these stories written in English still carry messages full of peace and love. 
After reading I decided look on the internet for someone to guide me, an Angel Therapy Practitioner® with a Latin name. I didn’t find any Latin sounding  names but I did find an Angel Therapy Practitioner®  with a website and a name that caught my attention. That’s how I contacted Maria Scozzari. 
I sent her an email and she answered  me very quickly.  I scheduled the celestial reading with Maria right away.  All the messages  I received from the Celestial Realm filled my heart with so much  happiness!
The Angels and Archangels taught me how to solve family conflicts,  how to release my emotional blocks and how to improve my life in general terms! These celestial messages have planted a seed of light that has inspired me to learn more angelic knowledge. 
I  now  feel happier and more ‘protected’.  After this beautiful celestial reading experience,  I immediately asked  Maria to sign me for her next  course “Celestial Realm 101” level 1 and 2. Unfortunately our schedules did not agree so I practiced the exercise that the angels taught me during my celestial reading which was very clear and simple. I was instructed to write my desires on a piece of paper and I let it go……. I never imagined that my desire would materialize so fast!  
I was in tears of happiness when I received an email from Maria offering me the chance to take the course by mail!  Now I want to learn as much as I can about the celestial realm.  I want to keep deeply connected with these beings of light who have given me so much compassion, light and unconditional love! 
I feel much thanks to the angels for sending me the right person, a warm human being  like Maria Scozzari. She is someone with a lot of sensitivity.
Once again thanks Maria for serving as an instrument of communication with the Celestial Realm and, as  you say,  Love & Light."
"I enjoy studying spiritual topics and found the work of the angels to be quite fascinating. I went in search of a local teacher that could share her work with me which led me to angel classes with Maria.
The knowledge that I have acquired has enabled me to begin giving readings to my target demographic with accuracy, self-love, and devotion.
I am thankful for the experience and would encourage anyone with an inkling about their own natural gifts to pursue such training so that others can benefit.
Love & Light",
Broward County-Florida
"I had the opportunity to have two celestial readings with Maria Scozzari. Both experiences have been immensely healing and filled with so much love!
I believe Maria is a person with clear divine connection. Through these readings, I received answers to some questions I've had for years. Now I can better understand my essence and my life purpose.
During the sessions, I felt completely connected with my angels. Listening to the messages Maria was channeling was a way to reconfirm that my angels listen to me and knew my innerself.
It was truly a rewarding and healing experience. The angels gave me some guidelines to follow which I have been implementing. The results have been very positive.
Maria not only channels the celestial messages but fills each reading with her own personal touch and humor. I believe this makes the event even more special.
To conclude, I now feel that my life has more meaning and I am much happier thanks to the readings with Maria. Thank you Maria!"
California, USA
"I just completed the Angels Courses 1 & 2. I am writing this to express my sincere gratitude to Maria and her wonderful ability to provide such important teachings. If you've met her you can see she teaches from the heart. She makes learning fun and easy. Maria has already taken courses with famous teachers like James Van Praagh, Charles Virtue, Brain Weiss and others.  That's why Maria is bubbling over with knowledge.
These courses have given me so much. Once I stared learning, my fears, worries and anxieties stared to melt away. It's so easy when we know how to engage the help and support of the angels.
I understand how spiritual my life really is. At my job, with my children and friends, the connection with this wonderful realm exists for us to make use of it. I just didn't know how.
After the angels courses everything stared to make sense. I now see their support and feel a deep sense of gratitude. I've learned how to channel this heartfelt gratitude. I feel this connection and I am humbled by their love. I understand that in changing my thinking, I see real and important changes in my life.
Everyone should take this course, especially those of you who say you don't have time!
Our purpose in life is to grow and not miss out on these opportunities that have been available to us from birth. It's a beautiful teaching".
Adriana Gutierrez
Miami-Florida. USA.
"Maria, I just want to say thank you so much. I am so touched with everything you said and I believe you are a true angel sent from above. I am so grateful to have spoken with you, I feel much better and understand myself  so much more through your reading. Once again I am forever grateful thank you again."

Andrea Koby
New York. USA 

 "Maria, I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you for doing my angel reading. The information you gave me has given me the confort and clarity that I needed to start my next chapter in my life with great piece of mind.
Your service is truely priceless!! Thank you"

Florida, USA
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