Celestial Readings - Maria Scozzari - Angel Therapy Practitioner®
Maria Scozzari, is an Angel Therapy Practitioner®, a spiritual teacher and life coach. Maria is able to communicate directly with your angels to receive Divine Guidance for every aspect of your life. She conveys the messages of love, wisdom and healing from the celestial realm. It’s a very healing, harmonious and beautiful way to see both worlds: the physical and the spiritual.

Have you ever wondered what angels are around you?

If we welcome the celestial realm into our life, we will be able to experience a different perspective which can enable us to see and live life more deeply, more fully.
Maria believes that we all have the innate ability to communicate with the angels and she helps to open that door for all others by developing their own Divine Intuition.
A celestial reading with Maria Scozzari includes not only the messages you will receive from the celestial realm but also a great deal of knowledge regarding important aspects of our spiritual life as human beings.

We are all created in the image and likeness of God regardless of our religious backgrounds.

Believing that the relative and physical world is the whole truth is a limited way to experience life.
This physical world is just part of our existence.
There is an invisible world which connects us with our higher self, with God, with nature, and the whole creation.

That’s why, if we welcome the celestial realm into our life, we will be able to experience a different perspective which can enable us to see and live life more deeply, more fully. It’s a very healing, harmonious and beautiful way to see both worlds: the physical and the spiritual.

We don’t have to believe in religion in order to understand that we are divine and that the celestial realm will contact us according to our level of perception. The last thing the celestial realm wants to do is scare us.

Therefore if you are Hindu then the celestial realm will manifest to you according to what is familiar to you, so you probably will have visions or dreams with divinities like Ganesh, Lakshmi, etc, etc.
If you are Christian then you probably will have visions or dreams with Jesus, or the Virgin Mary, etc,etc. Other people may see only light beings with no other special recognition.

What matters most is that the celestial connection you make will make you feel safe, will make you feel at home, will make you feel very loved.
This is a benefit of your getting in touch with that divine energy that is the source of creation.
The divine energy can also be defined as the God that is in us.

The celestial messages will always make you feel good. The celestial realm never judges since in the eyes of God we are perfect and our mistakes are considered part of our spiritual evolution.
Therefore you will never hear the words or the expression “that’s bad”.

The purpose of a celestial session with Maria Scozzari is to open a new door of healing.
This can help you to see your life and your current situation from a much healthier perspective.
The celestial messages are always very easy to understand and follow.
You don’t need to have any specific educational background in order to comprehend the celestial realm.
Maria receives advice from angels that people can use to improve their situations. And it's all positive. There are never any judgments or criticism, nothing like that.

The celestial only wants what is good, not damaging or useless for our growth. And of course anyone hearing this advice can accept or reject it. There is no need to have faith or belief.
Methods that Maria follows to do a celestial reading: 
1. Automatic writing:
This method is very helpful when people live in another country or when people don't have time for a personal appointment for the reading. In this case Maria asks her clients to write a letter to their angels asking all the questions they needs answering. Once clients email this letter to Maria she channels all the celestial messages through the automatic writing system.
2. Personal appointment:
A personal appointment applies when a reading is done via Skye or in person.
Through a process of mental scanning Maria can communicate with the angelic realm and receive clear messages about you, and all the concerns you have about different aspects of your life.
3. Angelic Cards:
The cards are an old method of channeling divine communication. We do receive celestial messages with the correct use of the cards. The most popular cards are the Tarot, the I Ching and the Angelic cards. 
Maria learned how to read the Angelic oracle cards. These beautiful visual aids help confirm the messages we have already received through our intuition or through an in-person celestial reading with Maria. 
For example the Archangel's cards help to heal all our worries, doubts and fears.The Life Purpose cards help us to find our mission in this life. Once we know that we are on the right path, then all aspects of our lives become healed. We feel more open, happier and healthier. Even our finances improve!
Maria could also teach you how to conduct your own readings using the oracle cards.
The energy of the Angelic cards is very beautiful and harmonious. The images and messages on the cards are that of great inspiration and upliftment. Therefore, after a card reading one generally has a warm feeling around them, a result of channeling celestial divine energy.
It's very fascinating!
If you agree, we can record your private session to an audio voice recording. After that you will receive and email with easy instructions to click and download your reading. There is no extra charge.

Celestial Readings can be done in person, by phone or via Skye. The information shared during the reading is 100% confidential. Each reading includes an energy clearing session using Flower Therapy. You will also receive written material related with the celestial realm.

*By Phone: We can Call You Free to more than 60 countries, see list of countries covered at www.vonage.com.

* By Skye: Download Free Skye Video Conferencing Software at www.skype.com. We recommend version 5.0. If your computer does not have a web cam, you can purchase one on-line at amazon.com. They are inexpensive and come with a built-in microphone. Be sure and test the equipment before your reading.
A celestial reading can take a maximum of 1 hour and 30 minutes and the cost is $145 dollars. We also offer 1 hour reading for $125 dollars. This service can be paid in cash, by check from an account in the United States or with a credit card through the secure system papal. If you are having the reading in-person you can pay by credit card through Square.
Chakra Clearing:

Chakras are centers of energy located through the whole physical body. There are more than 100 chakras but we always concentrate on the most important ones that are related with our physical and spiritual life.
Chakra in Sanskrit (the oldest language) means "wheel". Therefore we can say that a chakra is a "wheel" that circulates divine energy in a specific area of our body. Each chakra has a corresponding issue and when a chakra is blocked, a low energy is created that can weaken that area in the body. For example, if we have our throat chakra blocked because we haven't expressed all our important feelings or thoughts, then there is a big chance that we will suffer from imbalances like  soar-throat or weakness on our tonsils. Also, the weakness in our body is the reflexion of disconnection with our soul.

All the unforgiven feelings and thoughts we have decided to store in our heart chakra will affect us in many ways. For one, the heart chakra will be resonating in a dense energy that will attract, like a magnet, more of the same pain over and over. And then we ask ourselves : "Why am I attracting the same kind of person just with a different name?" It's the law of attraction.
All our fears, stresses, feelings and thoughts can block our chakras so it is very important to cultivate thoughts and feelings that are aligned with our divinity and not with our ego. The ego is the one that will make us believe that we can't forgive and that we deserve to be upset and resent somebody for the rest of your life.
The chakra clearing, done with select quartz crystals, can unblock and strengthen all your chakras naturally. You will be able to free each of your chakras thereby aligning more with your divinity and not with the ego.
You will be able to feel better in every aspect of you life.
The chakra clearing takes 90 minutes and you have the option to buy the crystals suited to you from Maria. This way she will teach you how to do your own weekly chakra clearing.
During this session Maria asks archangel Michael to help her to cut all the eteric and fear cords that are minimizing your energy and vitality.
This session also includes a free CD, an aura clearing and written material. All of this is only $145 dollars that can be paid by cash, by a local check or with a credit card through the secure system PayPal or Square.

Magnified Healing® technique:

This beautiful healing technique comes from the teachings of ascended master Kwan Yin with the purpose of obtaining physical, energetic and spiritual healing.
Kwan Yin is well known in the East  Asian culture as the Goddess of mercy, compassion and forgiveness.
She is the member of the karmic board therefore she is here to help us transcend our karmic debt and thereby speed up our spiritual evolution.

Here are the benefits of the Magnified Healing® technique:
=> Alignment of the spiritual centers with the cosmos and mother earth
=> Reconnection of the nervous system (pituitary & pineal gland).
=> Stimulation of the calcium in the spine
=> Healing of individual & collective karma
=> Healing of DNA
=> Activation of higher states of consciousness

Maria Scozzari is a "Master Teacher in Magnified Healing®" and shares this technique in person. The session could last up to 1 hour and the fee is $125 USD.

The Magnified Healing® session can be paid by cash, local check or with credit card through the secure system PayPal or Square.

For more information about this beautiful technique visit their official website: 

Certification as a "Chakra Clearing Practitioner":
This certification will give you all the tools you need to conduct chakra clearings for other people. The knowledge and practice required will be covered in this unique advanced course for those who are interested in helping to heal others.
Chakra Clearing with Maria Scozzari included the ancient knowledge of the chakras with the modern insights of different spiritual teachers. Healing is done to relieve both the physical and emotional body, the subtle and gross levels of our lives. An "imbalance" in your chakras could mean that some chakras are over-active or have lost their natural rhythm. Whatever the cause we are only concerned with balancing, not diagnosing or treating specific health problems.
This course is an important tool that can be used to relieve deep rooted emotional stress. It's very powerful and those trained will learn what they need to know to get started.
This certification includes written materials, quartz crystals sets and practical exercises. Those who are not familiar with natural healing techniques are welcome as well as those who are already practicing techniques like Reiki, Healing with the Pendulum, Pranic Healing, etc. All are welcome!
This course can only be taken in person, not by phone or via Skype. In the United States Maria covers all the Florida east coast: from Miami to Jupiter. And also other cities like Naples and Orlando. This certification will also be available in other countries like Colombia, Peru and Panama. Let us know if you would like to be notified.
The theoretical part of this course covers everything related with chakras: Why they get blocked, how they work when in balance, etc. We explain why energy blockages affect your body in a physical and emotional way.We also show how to use quartz crystals to do the chakra clearing.
At the end of the course students will practice doing chakra clearing among themselves. Depending on how many people take the class, this course could take up to 3 hours ad the fee is $180 USD.
Everybody will receive a written certification. We are pleased to offer this class now, at the time when personal alignment is so important. This is an easy course and practicing chakra clearing is very enjoyable too.
Celestial Session Workshops
 Angels Course: Celestial Realm 101 
Take the first step in expanding your spiritual horizons. Attend a workshop. It's fun and exciting. We teach this course in Deerfield Beach, Florida and we also teach it via Skype.
The first level of "Celestial Realm 101" lasts approximately 3 hours and includes written materials and the cost is only $180 USD. We teach this level the last Saturday of each month from 10 am to 1 pm.
In this first level you will learn different methods to communicate with your angels, with the archangels and other light beings.
You will also learn about the importance of dreams, about the importance of emotional clearings and chakra clearings. 
You will learn how to listen to your guardian angel's name and you will learn how to differentiate the four levels of celestial communication. 
The last thing you will learn in this first level is how to use quartz crystals for chakra clearings and other purposes.
Celestial Realm 101 level 2
In level 2, we spend another 3 hours learning everything about the fifteen most popular archangels in the celestial realm.
You will learn about their mission in our life and how to contact them. 
We teach this level the last Sunday of each month from 10 am to 1 pm.
We will do a practical exercise to open the 3rd eye with the purpose of increasing our psychic abilities. 
During this second level you will learn how to do celestial readings for others using different methods. 
This second level also costs $180 USD, lasts approximately 3 hours and includes helpful written materials that you can add to your Celestial Sessions Workshop folder. 
To further enhance one's understanding we will provide a list of books related to the course.
Both levels are being taught throughout the year in Deerfield Beach as well as others cities in Florida like Orlando, Jupiter and Miami. 
The celestial readings, the chakra clearings and the angels courses are available in others states and other countries as well. For more information please contact us directly. 
Past Life regressions:
One of the most popular writers on the subject of past life regressions  is author and psychiatrist Brian Weiss, M.D. In his best seller “Many Lives, Many Masters”, he opened a big door to introduce everyone to the concept of “past lives”.
Dr. Weiss is a pioneer in systematically showing how many memories of patients under hypnotic regression didn’t belong to their present lives only. These patients, when under hypnotic regressions, were able to remember cities, countries and languages from previous lives.
These unconscious memories explain why sometimes when we go to a place for the first time or meet somebody for the first time, we feel very familiar with this place or with this person. 
This is where the popular French expression “Déjà vu” (which means “already seen”) comes from.
The belief in past lives makes sense if we consider the fact that our soul is eternal and the only thing that dies is the physical body.
Following Dr. Weiss teachings, Maria has been able to help her clients discover deeper realities. These discoveries unlock the missing pieces that can help us to live happier, more fulfilling and integrated lives. This is done through the process of past life regressions.
It is important to note that this is possible under the angel’s Divine Guidance, a safe, guided exploration into our hidden potential to heal many different kinds of blocks related to our past lives.
Thanks to the angels loving light we’re able to remember these events without stress or fear because our only goal is to heal. It is never confrontational or difficult. The release of fear, anger and past failings is essential for our spiritual enrichment and present happiness.
According to Brian Weiss, some phobias, traumas, emotional blocks, physical pain and fears can be explained as a consequence of situations we lived in past lives.
The regression under the celestial guidance is very healing and comfortable.
The main goal of these regressions is to understand and heal the unconscious past and improve the quality of our present life.
It is not necessary to attempt to find more reasons to remain stuck in our current pain and drama.
The angels always advise us to look at the past for very short  periods of time with the intention to heal it. We could say "I use the past but I don't let the past use me". In this sense, healing means freedom.
If we remain stuck in the past and we keep analyzing and remembering the negative events for too long, we will attract more of that pain into our current life. This is a fundamental law of attraction.
When we start to heal the past we are clearing the path for that most refined level of feeling, the Celestial Real.
The past life regression could last up to 2 hours, is totally confidential and includes a free CD.
The cost is $145 dollars that can be paid by cash, by a local check or with a credit card through the secure system PayPal or Square.

Listen to our Radio Interview On-line:
One of my clients interviewed me on SofloRadio on 7/16/2011. We were very pleased with the show and we were happy to have such a knowledgeable person conducting the interview.  We hope you enjoy it!

2018 Tour
*January 2nd to 15th: Cali - Colombia 
*February 17th to 25th: Panamá
*March 19th al 24th: Bogotá - Colombia
*April 14th to 22nd: San José - Costa Rica 
*May 14th to 17th: Medellin - Colombia
*May 17th to 20th: Barranquilla - Colombia
*July 6th to 22nd: Cali- Colombia
*August 25th to September 2nd: Panamá
*November 9th to 19th: Tenafly (New Jersey, 15 miles from Manhattan)

Maria will share in these countries all the angelic knowledge such as the celestial readings, Magnified Healing® and all the courses and certifications.
In the same way Maria offers by Skype all this knowledge. For more information about this, you can contact us through the last page of this website. 

Scheduling & Cancellation Policy :

We are very pleased to offer our services to anyone who finds this knowledge useful. Sometimes we are unable to schedule appointments  because we are just too booked up. So if you must cancel, please give us at least 24 hours notice so that we can offer your reservation to another equally deserving person. 

Notice regarding receipt of payment:
Payment for your reading or other services is due at the time of the reading. Once the reading begins the client understands that the standard fee will be required. Your payment covers our time with you as well as the expense we incur for scheduling, preparation, advertising and advanced training. It is understood that there are no refunds.

Picture taken at the "I Can Do It" event in Atlanta, May 2013
From left to right: Maria Scozzari with spiritual intuitive Radleigh Valentine

This picture was taken in October/2016 at the "Master Angel Certification" course in Miami.
From left to right: Charles Virtue and Maria Scozzari.

Unity on the Bay. Miami Beach (Florida). May/2017.
From left to right: The Medium James Van Praagh and Maria Scozzari.

James Van Praagh certified Maria as a Medium through his school "James Van Praagh School of Mystical Arts" on October/2016.

This picture was taken in August/2017 at the  "Spiritual Teacher" certification course in Fort Lauderdale (Florida). From left to right: Peroshini Naidoo, Maria Scozzari and Charles Virtue.

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